The elevation of Prineville is 2868′ at the Courthouse steps.

Crook County enjoys the dry climate of the high desert. Sunny days, low humidity and cool nights characterize the semi-arid climate in the high desert. The temperature can drop more than 30 degrees in one day during the year. Like all of Oregon east of the Cascades, Prineville and Crook County’s weather is generally characterized by bright sunshine, hot days and cool nights in the summer, and sunny days and cool and cold temperatures in the winter.

The warm days and cool nights of the high desert are due to the air mass from the west, which gives up most of the moisture over the over the Coast Range and Cascade Mountains before reaching Crook County. There are approximately 11″ of rainfall and between 9″ to 14″ of snowfall each year. Half of the precipitation falls between the months of October and February, and much of the precipitation is experienced as snow in the higher elevations. For local weather conditions click here. For road conditions click here.

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