Real Estate


A nice surprise in Prineville is its cost of housing, with one of the lowest median home price ranges in the region for several years running.

With the recent housing boom calming down across the state, there is a large variety of housing options currently available in Crook County. This buyer’s market provides luxury housing, attractive and reasonably priced housing, and acreages in and around Prineville. Residents find their home styles and price options almost unlimited.

There are top real estate companies and reputable real estate professionals in Prineville to help you purchase an affordable home or find a rental property. Feel comfortable in contacting one of the Chamber members.

Professional Services

Shopping around is the key to getting a competitive rate and term on your real estate transaction. The housing and commercial construction boom has created a very competitive and consumer-friendly mortgage market. Several Chamber members are experienced home-loan mortgage professionals that you can contact as you “shop around.”

Selecting insurance protection for your home, personal property, automobile, health or business can be daunting when you move to a new community. Similarly, selecting a new accountant or CPA, attorney, stockbroker, bank or credit union also can be challenging tasks. You will want to work with institutions that have made commitments to the community. Look for a Chamber member when looking for professionals for your home and business affairs.