Community Profile

Today, Prineville is in the midst of rebuilding and revitalization! Local entrepreneurs are investing in their buildings and businesses. Beautiful new buildings have added to Prineville’s character. A city-county plaza across from our beloved and grand historic courthouse has become a gathering place for local events like the Farmers Market. An 1800-acre resort with a renowned PGA-designed golf course was built in south Crook County. Planned communities are being designed and built in Prineville, expanding residential choices. Large companies such as Facebook and Apple now call Prineville home.

As our reliance on the primary wood industry has faded, a strong secondary wood industry reflecting Prineville’s strong manufacturing heritage is still in operation. Agriculture — both farming and ranching — is strong. These industries have contributed to Prineville’s identity and independent spirit!

Private residential and commercial construction activity has slowed, but  new residents are still seeking the “small town” charm offered by Prineville. There is room for newcomers with new ideas and interest in doing business. We welcome you to Prineville and Crook County!