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Membership Benefits

What is the a Chamber of Commerce?

A Chamber of Commerce is a volunteer organization of the business community. It unites business and professional individuals and firms, thus creating a central agency which lends itself to improving business and building a better community. A Chamber of Commerce is people and although these are predominantly the members of the business community, there is a place in the Chamber for all who share the desire to improve the community.

The Chamber organizes and directs the energies of those who believe that, a community worth living in is a community worth improving. The Chamber enables these people to accomplish collectively what none of them could do individually. The strength of the organization lies in attracting the greatest number of individuals creating a pool of resources from which can be drawn ideas, energy and finances.
The major responsibility of a Chamber of Commerce is the community’s economic well-being. It works to increase wealth and prosperity by facilitating the growth of existing businesses and fostering new ones.

What are the Goals of the Chamber?

To understand the Chamber’s goals, we must first understand the Chamber’s Mission. “To encourage a culture of Business and Community coming together in partnership, understanding that our success is measured by the economic vitality of our community.”

We will “encourage’ our local businesses to work in cooperation and collaboration as a whole. We will work to advance the public awareness of issues important to the business community and will be the conduit between Government and business. We understand that all businesses make up a community and all will receive the assistance and support that the Chamber can offer.

The Chamber is the only entity whose primary focus is Tourism. Done successfully, tourism drives economic growth which furthers the mission of the organization. How? A successful business community is more than the number of store fronts. It is the positive, forward thinking individuals and businesses that are motivated to share that drive with others. The Chamber is the organization that creates an avenue for you to do just that, Tourism. Quality of life through events, community collaboration, networking, and a business centric attitude. In short, we are the community cheer leader bringing people together and inviting others to come see why Prineville is open for business.

What is Included in your Membership?


The Chamber has numerous committees that provide an organized voice for business community

-Board of Directors


-Marketing Committee

-Merchant Group

-Events Committee (per event)


Not only does the Chamber execute its regularly scheduled events, like Business After Hours and the Prineville Perk, but it also helps plan community-wide events such as the Easter Hunt and the annual Lighted Christmas Parade.


Web presence has evolved into being one of the single most important avenues for a Chamber. It is often the first impression a visitor has of our community. Being a Member of the Chamber ensures that your business contact information will be displayed on our website under “Member Directory.” With advertising opportunities in the near future.

Chamber Communication

There are two main publications put out by the Chamber: the newsletter, Chamber Focus(published every two months), and the Weekly Update through Constant Contact. The newsletter contains important information regarding Chamber events and news, and offers advertising opportunities. It is sent out via mail and electronically. The Weekly Update goes out every week, giving our members a snapshot of the week to come. It is delivered electronically.

Visitor Center Information

As a member of the Chamber, you can display advertising flyers and/or business cards in the Visitors Center (Chamber office). With thousands of visitors each year, this advantage provides an added benefit to our members.  

For more information or to have this in printable form, please see our Member Packet.